Research platforms

Natural capital

The distribution of the Natural Capital Platform’s expertise. Darker shading indicates a larger research capacity is available to the platform. Note that all platform members integrate several research domains and natural resources in their research.Natural capital consists of goods or services that originate in ecosystems. In spite of the fact that natural capital lies at the heart of our economy and is a cornerstone for human well-being, its stocks are being depleted.








What we do

The platform brings together 20 professors and over 100 researchers toOverview of the geographical distribution of Natural Capital Platform research projects over the past 10 years. Not indicated are the 22 projects that covered multiple European countries.

  •     Raise awareness,
  •     Perform High-quality integrated research,
  •     Act as an independent think tank,
  •     Take up the role as facilitator.

The goal is to develop innovative, credible, and use-driven approaches to better map, understand, manage and value the world's natural capital.
With both national and international focus, the platform has pursued no less than 450 projects over the past 10 years


Research on plants and animals, sustainable production systems and enabling technologies to innovate agriculture.

Environmental science and technology

Interdisciplinary engineering for the protection of the environment.


Multidisciplinary engineering support of the entire data-to-decision cycle for science, industry and society.

Green chemistry

Green Chemistry and the use of renewable resources for non-food applications focusses on the design, the study and the development of production processes to reduce the ecological and materials use footprint of the process.

Food, feed, health

Research of the complete food chain, from feed over to food to the impact of food on human health.


Innovations through molecular characterization and sustainable engineering of biological systems.