From 1 to 10 million in 100 days: in vitro cloning and propagation of plants

Most consumers don't realize it but the plants we use for food production, for animal feed or for ornamental uses in gardens or indoor are clones.

This means that genetically they are identical or very similar to one another and offer the advantage that production and processing can be done using standardized technology.

Methods of cloning are hence very important technology to drive primary plant production. We are developing new advanced methods for plant cloning.

We use in vitro tissue culturing technology and by changing the incubation conditions and applying particular drug treatments, it has been possible to drastically accelerate and enhance cloning.

Starting from a single plant, it is now possible to generate 10 million individuals in just over 100 days.

The advanced methods for in vitro plant clonal propagation will reduce the cost per plant and allow the expansion of the technology to a wider range of species.

In addition, the technology is our best chance to avoid the risk of viral contamination and associated production loss.


Prof. Danny Geelen