Forecasting climate extremes

Climate models predict an aggravation of droughts, extreme precipitation events and heat waves as we progress into the future.

Recent advances in satellite Earth observation - with the development of consistent global historical records of crucial environmental and climatic variables - provide new means to start unravelling the processes driving long-term changes in climate extremes, and understanding the impact of these changes on terrestrial ecosystems.

The project SAT-EX aims to revealing how droughts, heat waves and extreme rain events have changed in frequency and intensity over the past three decades, to uncover the causes behind these changes and the consequences for terrestrial vegetation.

In the long run, SAT-EX findings will advance towards the timely forecasting of climate extremes, provide valuable insights about the management of water resources during extreme events, help characterize global terrestrial carbon budgets, and reduce the uncertainty in long-term model predictions of climate extremes and global vegetation dynamics.


Prof. Diego Miralles