Good research arises from good networks

(19-04-2022) CAVELab's Associate Professor and ERC Starting Grant awardee Kim Calders will provide expertise to Finland's Flagship Programme UNITE (UEF), but he’s also drawn to Joensuu by a long-standing friendship (Text Maj Vuorre; Photo Varpu Heiskanen)

The University of Eastern Finland is a member of the Academy of Finland’s Flagship on Forest-Human-Machine Interplay, UNITE. One of the goals of UNITE is to enhance the efficiency of forest management and forest operations, and Professor Mikko Vastaranta at the School of Forest Sciences co-leads the UNITE workpackage on Disruptive Technologies for Capturing Forest Structure and Functioning, while Professor Heli Peltola, also at the School of Forest Sciences, is the leader of the UNITE workpackage Smart Decision Support for Human Actions in Space and Time. Associate Professor Calders is involved in UNITE in an advisory capacity, making his expertise on 3D and 4D forest models, and on digital twins of forests, available to Finnish researchers.