Staff and students

Head of the lab

Prof. dr. ir. Hans Verbeeck

Prof. dr. ir. Kim Calders

Scientific staff (Post Doc) 

dr. ir. Félicien Meunier

dr. ir. Steven De Hertog

Steven De Hertog

dr. ir. Karun Dayal

Scientific staff (Support)

dr. Kim Jacobsen

MSc. Lodewijk Lefevre

Scientific staff (PhD)

MSc. Xingyan Cao

ir. Barbara D'hont

MSc. Chang Liu

MSc. Franklin Geovanny Marin Molina

MSc. Shilin Chen

ir. Thomas Sibret

ir. Louise Terryn

ir. Tom Verhelst

MSc. Inès dos Santos Vieira

MSc. Mengxi Wang

ir. Kasper Coppieters

MSc. Quan Pan

MSc. Xi Peng

ir. Wout Cherlet

ir. Wouter Van den Broeck

MSc. Zane Cooper

ir. Emma Van de Walle

Emma Van de Walle

ir. Todi Daelman


Anabelle Michiels

Faculty of bioscience engineering, Campus Coupure
+32 (0) 9 264 61 36

External scientific staff members

dr. ir. Hannes De Deurwaerder

Princeton University

dr. ir. Sruthi Krishna Moorthy

University of Maryland

dr. ir. Francis Mumbanza Mundondo

dr. Marc Peaucelle

INRAE (Bordeaux, FR)

dr. Wim Verbruggen

University of Copenhagen

Master students 2023-2024

Warre Demuynck - Analyzing large field-data-bases to gain better understanding on the two major tropical forests of the world

Geike De Sloover - The mysteries of oak growth: Investigating how competition shapes the structure of oak trees

Tielde Ghyselinck - Biomass growth in biodiversity plantings under drought

Ella Van de vreken - Modeling the cork thickness distribution in Portuguese cork oak stands

Sarah Lamotte - Studying the impact of temperature change on the carbon absorption capacity of tropical tree species in the Congo basin forests

Manon Lamond - Light competition between trees and lianas in a tropical forest

Elise Huysman - Light competition between trees and lianas in a tropical forest

Eline De Loore - Title TBD

Former lab members

dr. ir. Jean-François Bastin (Associate Prof. Gembloux, Agro-Biotech)

dr. Manfredo Di Porcia

dr. ir. Marie Combe

dr. ir. Yunfei Bao

dr. ir. Jackie Epila (Lecturer at Lira University, Uganda)

dr. ir. Miro Demol

David Ellsworth (Western Sydney University)

International Collen-Francqui professor 2022-2023

MSc. Tao Chen

dr. Joseph Okello