Laboratory of Forest Management and Spatial Information Techniques (FORSIT)

Laboratory of Forest Management and Spatial Information TechniquesOur research group is part of the Department of Environment, and member of the Natural Capital research platform of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium.

FORSIT evolved from a small IWT consortium with private industry (Belfotop, now Eurosense) that was established back in 1976, and was pioneered by em. Prof. Roland Goossens. We became a proper university lab in 1988, when we moved from the Gontrode campus to the Coupure Campus in the city of Ghent. From 1996 Robert De Wulf has been heading the lab. Since 2015 Frieke Van Coillie has become responsible, as a tenure track professor, for remote sensing and GIS education and research.

FORSIT focuses on spatial information techniques and the quantitative side of forest management, both in temperate areas and the tropics, predominantly on management unit and landscape level. The list of past and current projects on this website testifies to the wide spectrum of research conducted over the years in Belgium and abroad. FORSIT’s staff members contribute to academic education in the BSc curriculum ‘Land and Forest Management’ and the MSc curriculum ‘Forest and Nature Management’ at Ghent University.

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The potential of local climate zones maps as a heat stress assessment tool, supported by simulated air temperature data


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