Projects H-CEL

Ongoing research projects

  1. DRY-2-DRY: Do droughts self-propagate and self-intensify?
  2. ET-Sense: High-resolution terrestrial evaporation from Sentinels
  3. ALBERI: Assessing Links Between Biogenic Emissions and Remotely sensed photosynthesis Indicators
  4. LandFlux: The GEWEX LandFlux Project
  5. SurFlux: WCRP initiative to promote dissemination of data and information related to surface-air fluxes
  6. GCOS: Esential Climate Variable (ECV) on surface latent and sensible heat fluxes
  7. SATDATA 3.0: High resolution evaporation data for The Netherlands
  8. BELSAR-Science - Exploitation of the first bistatic SAR time series for agriculture and hydrology applications
  9. Stochastic modelling of future extreme discharges as a tool for water resource management
  10. Improving flood forecasting based on optimized flood mapping from radar images

Finished research projects

  1. SAT-EX: Global impacts of hydrological and climatic extremes on vegetation
  2. STR3S: Stress on TRanspiration Sensed from Satellite Systems
  3. HYDRAS+: Improving drought monitoring through assimilating multi-source remote sensing observations in hydrologic models
  4. SMOS+ET2: On the value of SMOS data to derive global evaporation
  5. Optimized discharge assessment based on hydrodynamic simulation results
  6. Use of in situ soil moisture observations for data assimilation in distributed hydrological modelling
  7. SMOS+ET1: On the value of SMOS data to derive evaporation over Australia
  8. SMOS+Hydrology
  9. Integrating Radar Remote Sensing, Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modelling for Surface Water Management
  10. Epidemoist: Improving epidemiological modelling using satellite derived soil moisture proxies
  11. Copula-based models for generating design rainfall
  12. Assessment of the use of rainfall generators for the development of flood risk maps
  13. Assessment of land surface characterization and implications for distributed hydrological modelling
  14. Hydrologic modeling for surface water management – estimation of the catchment averaged evapotranspiration
  15. Stochastic rainfall generation accounting for climate changes
  16. Floodmoist: Flood mapping and soil moisture retrieval for improved water management
  17. Spatial scaling uncertainty in hydrological variables based on remote sensing
  18. Water and sediment budgets of Lake Tana for optimisation of land management and water allocation (Ethiopia)