dr. ir. Janis Baeten

Janis Baeten teaches in courses on hydrological processes and hydrology, groundwater flow, principles of quantitative water management, hydraulics of open channel flow, fluid mechanics and soil- and groundwater remediation.


Janis Baeten

After my Bachelor in Bioscience Engineering at the University of Antwerp, I obtained a Master in Environmental Technology at Ghent University with a minor in Environmental Coordination. I stayed in Ghent for a PhD in collaboration with TUDelft and RoyalHaskongDHV on modelling and monitoring wastewater treatment plants.

I’ve been tutoring students from high schools and universities since my Bachelor. As a PhD fellow, I assisted exercise classes of the Master Environmental Technology. Since 2020, I’ve been appointed at the Department of Environment to assist the practical classes of several water related courses in the Land and Water Management program and elective courses for other Bio-engineering programmes. In 2021, I started combining this with a job as study counselor at our faculty.


Address: Coupure links 653 - Room A2.009

               9000 Ghent, Belgium