Mapping and monitoring of mangrove zonation changes at tin mining areas in Bangka-Indonesia

Funded by: Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education-Indonesia
Researcher: Suci Puspita Sari
Promotors: Prof. Dr. ir. Frieke Van Coillie and Prof. Nico Koedam
Duration: 2019-2022

Project objectives

Land use/ land cover dynamics are a significant factor in understanding the relations between human activities and the environment. Mining is one of those activities with immediate and roundabout effect on the environment. In particular, tin mining in the coastal region of Bangka Island, Indonesia,  influences the environmental conditions and causes a decrease of soil quality in the mangrove area. Computerized change detection of satellite images at various acquisition time supports in investigating the changes in the spatial extent of the mine along with the related activities. This research will study changes of mangrove extent, mangrove structural and species composition, and  zonation changes of mangrove forests by analyzing mangrove conditions and satellite imagery over time.