Sahelian wetlands

Mapping and modelling of temporal and bio-physical phenomena of the sahelian wetlands environment using VEGETATION data

Funded by: The Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (OSTC).  The SPOT-VEGETATION images were made available within the framework of the VEGETATION Preparatory Program. Field data were provided by the IUCN Waza-Logone Project.

Research associates: Jan Verhoeye and Myriam Sys

Promoter: Robert De Wulf

Duration: 1996-1998


Project objectives

The aim of the project is twofold:

  1. Mapping of land cover types of the Sahelian wetlands environment using coarse resolution satellite images;
  2. Monitoring of temporal bio-physical phenomena occurring in this environment.

Initially the project activities have focused on the first topic. For this purpose a methodology for subpixel mapping has been selected, applied and evaluated. During the second year the second topic has been elaborated. Two methodologies for monitoring wetlands are described. First the post-classification comparison technique is elaborated. Subsequently multi-temporal change vector analysis is presented and applied on the Sahelian wetlands using NOAA-AVHRR images. Finally the methodology for subpixel mapping, developed during the first year, has been applied to real SPOT-VEGETATION images.