Lecture on Scientific Integrity by Prof. Catherine Van der Straeten

11-03-2020 from 15:00 to 18:00
Building E, lecture room E2
Katleen Anthierens
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Lecture about the important aspects for students and researchers that contribute to high quality, objective and nuanced research.

Scientific integrity in research has gained attention in several media. Also at UGent there is a policy plan on research integrity.

What does research integrity involve exactly?

What is the difference between scientific integrity and ethics?

Integrity involves all aspects of the Quality of the execution of scientific research and its results.

Ethics concerns the values and norms and is a wider dimension linked to scientific integrity.

In this information session more insight is provided in the aspects that are important for students and researchers in order to contribute to a high quality, objective and nuanced research.

The lecture is given by professor Catherine Van der Straeten , head of the Health, Innovation and Research Institute HIRUZ ) at UZGent in collaboration with UGent.