15th Symposium of the Scientific Committee of the Food Safety Agency

03-12-2019 07:00 to 16-12-2019 15:00
Pacheco auditorium, Tour des Finances, Boulevard Pachéco 13, 1000 Brussels
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Changing Consumption Patterns: What about Food Safety?


In today’s society the consumption patterns and consumption habits of consumers are rapidly changing. On one hand, there is a general shift towards more plant-based (novel) food sources and on the other hand there are subgroups of consumers with specific food habits. These changing consumption patterns and the availability of "new" foods from the global market can entail various potential food safety risks.

During this symposium, it will be demonstrated that at present various challenges arise in the area of (assessing) food safety due to the changing and diverse consumption patterns. Various types of risks (chemical, microbiological and allergens) and challenges will be discussed by scientists as well as by representatives from the food industry and retail. The aim of this symposium is to highlight food safety from the perspective of the rapidly changing dietary habits of consumers and to critically reflect on the suitability of our current risk assessment models and methods.

The symposium is aimed at a(n) (inter)national public of risk assessors, risk managers, policy makers, researches, stakeholders, producers, consumers, educators and students.

The symposium languages will be Dutch and French with simultaneous translation. All slides will be projected in English.


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