Danyang Liu wins Young Scientist prize at international COST Workshop with Poster on Plasma Processing of Food Lipids


Non-thermal plasma is a mild processing technology for food preservation, but its impact on food quality and interaction with food components especially lipids are not well explained.

In this study, methylated linseed oil was considered as a basic lipid model system and treated by a microhollow dielectric barrier discharge (MDBD). It was discussed how various plasma treatment parameters influenced lipid oxidation, followed by the specific impact of individual plasma species on the formation of different oxidation products.

Among all the reactive species, O3, reacted with unsaturated lipid to form trioxolane, which mostly decomposed into carbonyl compounds and minorly split out radicals to initiate autoxidation; RNS was mainly responsible to produce primary oxidation products, but it was difficult to specify the contribution of each individual RNS.

High Tatras (Slovakia) from September 8-9, 2022