The Lab for grain and bakery technology presents: "De warmste cake" for cancer research

de warmste cake (large view)

de warmste cake

(25-10-2019) Together with all employees of the Lab for grain and bakery technology I would like to introduce you the Warmest Cake!

During this promotion for the Warmest Week ("De warmste week") we bake fresh cakes in the bakery of block C. 🎂

The cakes are baked on 12 (and 13) November and can then be collected. The final date depends on the success of the promotion and will be announced later.

There is a choice of vanilla or marbled cake for € 4 each.

The majority of this amount goes to charity. We chose to support the Cancer Research Institute Ghent (CRIG) together with all other UGent people.

Do you also do your bit to help advance cancer research? 💪

You can order until November 7 via

Please pay via BE97 7380 4130 5349 (with mention of your name) or (appropriate) cash in agency GSCHC0.136.
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More information about the CRIG: