Z-Food: innovations in Flemish food

(06-04-2022) The new Z-Food series on Kanaal Z shows 12 innovative projects in the Flemish food sector, 3 of them highlighting projects of the Department of Food Technology, Safety and Health

The reports show how the food sector is working on innovative products, more efficient processes and sustainability throughout the chain.
Experts explain the trends and evolutions in the food sector.

This initiative of Flanders Food and financial TV channel Kanaal Z highlights some of the innovative projects from the department of Food Technology, Safety and Health of Ghent University, partnering with VLAIO, Flanders Food, major players in the food industry, etc.

VEG-i-TEC, testing ground for the vegetable and potato processing industry 10/02/22


A lot of energy and water is used in the processing of vegetables and potatoes. At the same time, essential by-products are often lost. In testing grounds, such as VEG-i-TEC in Kortrijk, researchers and companies work together to optimize this processing process in order to achieve better and more sustainable food. The added value of new technologies, such as AI, is also examined.



Circopack: A more sustainable packaging for food 03/03/22

The search for sustainable packaging material is a difficult process for many companies, especially if the quality of fresh products or other foodstuffs has to be taken into account. To solve this problem, Ghent University uses a method that examines the sustainable aspects of packaging in detail. The research is carried out within the framework of the Circopack project, which was initiated by Flanders' FOOD.




Q-DNA: innovation project to improve food safety 07/04/22

The food industry is facing major challenges. For example, additional investments in research and innovation are needed to make the sector more sustainable, without sacrificing quality. Food safety is also playing an increasingly important role. In order to raise this food safety status to a higher level, Flanders' FOOD launched the innovation project Q-DNA.

Air date:  7/4/2022

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