Aiyan Guan

ayanguan-jpgPhD Student

Aiyan Guan is a PhD student. Her actual doctoral research project is ‘Exploring techniques to remove parasitic larvae from infected fish fillets and the impact of this on the allergenicity. The goal of her research is to explore which methods can effectively remove parasitic larvae (Pseudoterranova spp and Anisakis spp) from fish fillets. Her research will also contribute to a decreased allergenicity of fish fillets. The project is sponsored by CSC.

She received a MSc degree in Processing and Storage of Aquatic Products in 2018 from Ningbo University in China. Since 2018, she joined Ghent University as a PhD student.

Her actual doctoral research focusses on techniques to remove larvae from fish and the effect on specific allergens. In addition, her previous  research interests includes effect of processing (like ultra-high pressure or electron beam irradiation) on conformational changes and allergenicity of tropomyosin, biological preservation of fish, and functional polysaccharides of masson pine pollen and its application as functional food. (She has some research results published about decreasing the allergenicity of TM and biological preservation of Lateolabrax  japonicus.)


Her Msc thesis topic was ‘Effect of electron beam irradiation on the immunogenicity and structure of tropomyosin from Solenocera melantho’.


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Ayan Guan



ScienceDirect: The effect of electron beam irradiation on IgG binding capacity and conformation of tropomyosin in shrimp