Rui Liu

Associate Prof., PhD

RuiLiu.jpgRui Liu is a leading scientist in the field of food science and technology with high experience in the processing technologies of wheat bran fermentation, essential oil emulsification, low-fat foods and sea cucumber peptide product development, etc.

She received a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering in 2013 from Tianjin University and joined Tianjin University of Science & Technology since then. In 2018, she became an associate professor of Food Science and Technology at Tianjin University of Science & Technology.

Her research focusses on processing techniques for agricultural raw materials and by-products, such as wheat grain, oat bran, garlic, etc. Dr. Liu extend her research to the structural analysis of food multi-components and their interaction mechanisms in foods. Her research will contribute to an improvement of product quality and economic value. (In 2014 she won the third level of “131” Innovative Personnel Training Project from Tianjin City. In 2019, she was awarded as “6th Tianjin Innovative Talent” and “Young and Middle-aged Key Talents from Tianjin Universities” for her special engagement combined with excellent research work.


Rui Liu (UGent)

Rui Liu (TUST)