David Moed


David MoedDavid performs research on the behavior of organic contaminants and treatment chemicals in steam-water cycles.

Water-side corrosion related failures in power plants and industrial steam-water cycles can have catastrophic consequences. Therefore, demineralized water for such systems has to meet stringent water quality guidelines. Because organic molecules can degrade to (potentially corrosive) organic acids under high temperature and pressure, the Total Organic Carbon limit for make-up water can now be as low as <20 µg/L. At the same time organic treatment chemicals, which should prevent corrosion, are becoming increasingly popular. These are proven to degrade to organic acids. Nor the behavior of these organics, nor the impact of organic acids on corrosion in steam-water cycles is well understood.

This study investigates the (hydro)thermolysis of several organic contaminants and treatment chemicals at boiler and superheater conditions. The focus lies on degradation kinetics and organic acids production. The final part of the study consists of Flow-Accelerated Corrosion experiments, to assess the impact of the degradation mechanisms.


E-mail: D.H.Moed@TUDelft.nl
Joint PhD with Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands