Evelyn De Meyer


Lianshuai Tan

Evelyn's story at PaInT began with her master thesis, the topic was about the regeneration of the thermolytic draw solution, used in forward osmosis. With theoretical and experimental simulations she tackled the literature that stated distillation of ammonia bicarbonate as a possibility to regenerate a draw solution with low waste heat.

Her PhD research focusses on the removal of TOC (Total Organic Carbon) by different new desalination technologies, such as electrodialysis and membrane distillation, for the production of industrial water from waste water streams. In addition, also the effect of TOC removal on the prevention of corrosion is investigated, because TOC may form organic acids during hydrothermolysis in steam boilers. The objective is to incorporate TOC as a parameter in the current corrosion indexes. This research is performed within the IMPROVED project (Integrale Mobiele Proceswatervoorziening voor een Economische Delta) in collaboration with different industrial companies.


E-mail: Evelyn.DeMeyer@UGent.be
Office: 6.023
Phone: +32 (0)9 264 99 43