Klaas Schoutteten


Klaas SchouttetenBefore starting a PhD, Klaas worked in the PaInT research group on his master’s thesis concerning activated carbon adsorption of pharmaceuticals. In this thesis, the adsorption mechanisms were elucidated by means of a thermodynamic approach towards adsorption of a solute on a solid phase, in aqueous media.

In 2012, Klaas started his PhD about removal of trace organics, like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and industrial (by)products, from drinking water. Novel methods such as catalytic reduction, advanced oxidation and advanced reduction processes were investigated, along with combinations of these methods with activated carbon adsorption. Novel, tailor-made, adsorbents such as molecularly imprinted polymers were studied as well.

After finishing his PhD, Klaas started working on a project with De Watergroep, involving a combination of ion exchange and coagulation for organic matter removal from drinking water, in close collaboration with Ghent University and KWR. A first objective of this project is to improve the overall water quality while reducing the chemicals dosed during coagulation, in two zero liquid discharge water treatment works producing drinking water from surface water. A second objective is treatment of the ion exchange spent brine for resource recovery.



E-mail: Klaas.Schoutteten@UGent.be
Office: 6.023