Mohammad Kazemabad


Mohammad Kazemabad

Mohammad (Kazem) has joined the PaInT group in 2016 to work on the project ‘Novel Nano-Filtration membranes for selective separation of organics and inorganics’. His work is funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Marie-Curie ITN network ‘SuPER-W: sustainable technologies for product, energy and resource recovery from waste water’. During his research, he will develop novel NF membranes for selective separation of Organics and Inorganics based on the layer by layer deposition of poly-electrolytes. Such membranes could potentially be tailored for a wide variety of applications ranging from drinking water purification to industrial wastewater treatment.

Prior to joining PaInT, Kazem was working in Laboratory of Biotechnology at University of Bologna on his master’s thesis: ‘Development of an affinity membrane chromatography process for purification of Plasmin from blood sources’.


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