Micropyrolysis reactor


Fast pyrolysis experiments are carried out in a Frontier Laboratories Multi-shot micropyrolyser. Frontier pyrolyser technique utilizes a small cup and micro furnace heating system. Sample cup containing a few micrograms of biomass compound free-falls into the preheated furnace. The temperature goes from ambient to pyrolysis temperature in less than 20 milliseconds. Pyrolysis occurs instantly and the gaseous decomposition products are either directly transferred to the GC-MS for identification and quantification of the pyrolysis vapour constituents, or exposed to catalysts in the ‘Tandem Pyrolyser’, a secondary reaction tube, before analysis. The low vapour residence times combined with the high heating rates obtained in the small samples used are thought to promote primary decomposition.

The setup contains (1) Frontier Laboratories Multi-Shot pyrolyser EGA/PY-3030D (2) Catalytic reactor, ‘Tandem pyrolyzer’ (3) TRACE GC Ultra with split/splitless injection port (4) ISQ Single Quadrupole MS; Regular (a), catalytic pyrolysis in in-bed mode (b) and catalytic pyrolysis in ex-bed (vapor phase upgrading) mode (c) employed in the micropyrolysis system.