Lecture: 'Hydrology and climate: state of the science and future challenges'

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Alumni, Journalisten, Bedrijven
16-06-2017 van 16:00 tot 17:30
Room E1.012 (Building E), Coupure Links 653, Ghent
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Diego G. Miralles
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Inaguration lecture miralles hydrology and climate

On 16 June prof. dr. Diego G. Miralles will present his inauguration lecture:

Hydrology and climate: state of the science and future challenges


In our blue planet, water is in a continuous cycle that sustains life in our ecosystems. However, climate change and population growth are great threats that join together in their impacts on hydrology. This conjuncture has led to the rise of a new hydrological discipline, lying at the interface between conventional hydrology, ecology and climate science. Often referred to as climate hydrology, this discipline considers hydrological systems as part of the Earth's climate system, being impacted by anthropogenic emissions and land-use change, but also influencing trends in climate and the occurrence of hydro-meteorological events, such as droughts or heatwaves.

This new discipline is born under the expectation to provide answers to crucial questions in today's societies: Is the global water cycle accelerating in response to global warming? Are we experiencing worse droughts, storms and heatwaves than in the past decades? Where is water security in danger? How will our ecosystems respond to future changes in rainfall? To what extent can ecosystems themselves influence the Earth's climate? Yet, to answer these ques­tions, other, more immediate ones need to be addressed, such as whether our state-of-the-art satellite sensors and mathematical models are suited to meet this new challenge.

This lecture will explore our current understanding of the interaction between hydrology and climate, aiming to provide an overview of present and future scientific challenges for the study of the interface between hydrology, ecology and climate.


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