Innovation conference on sustainable use of water

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30-09-2019 09:00 tot 03-10-2019 19:00
Guyaquil, Ecuador
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Wout Van Echelpoel
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Ghent University co-organizes this conference on the sustainable use of water.

This conference wants to move the International Water Association (IWA), in collaboration with other stakeholders, further down the path of implementing sustainable use of water in three specific venues—industry, agriculture, and cities.

Although there will be some discussion of concepts, analytical tools, and technologies, the focus will be on their application. This real-world focus will be reflected in active recruitment of speakers and participants from outside the world of academia and IWA membership. 

Industry, farmers, policy-makers, regulators, financial institutions, indigenous peoples, water/wastewater utilities,  environmental associations, cultural associations,  consultants,  vendors and others are invited to discuss their involvement in water use in industry, agriculture, and cities.


​The main goal of this conference will be to present information, discuss ideas, and create a platform for broader collaboration in the future among the many actors who play a role in how we, collectively, use water.
  1. One goal will be to help us learn from each other about what can be done, what is being done, and lessons learned from experiences to date. 
  2. Another will be for us to brainstorm about how collectively we can increase drivers and incentives for sustainable use, and address the disincentives and barriers that currently impede progress.

Although there are long-term incentives for more sustainable use of water, these are most effective with organizations which have the capacity to think long-term and the resources to invest in new approaches.  Since many companies, farmers, and cities do not meet these criteria, there is a need to modify the organizational ecosystem they operate in, to modify the external factors that influence their business and investment decisions.

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