Kick-off Learning Network for Teaching Assistants

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22-09-2022 van 17:00 tot 18:30
Campus Coupure, Blok A, Aud A1
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Evelyne de Caluwé

Dear Teaching Assistants,

Welcome to our brand-new Learning Network for Teaching Assistants at the Faculty of Bioscience engineering. This learning network includes everyone who is actively involved in supporting education besides our course holders. So, if you are helping with exercise sessions, labs, field trips, dissertations or other practical sessions with students, this Learning Network for Teaching Assistants (TA) is for you!

We want to kick off this Learning Network on Thursday, 22/09/22, from 5 PM till 6.30 PM at Campus Coupure, Blok A, Aud A1 (note: it will be the only time we’ll organize something after working hours). A small after-work will be organized afterwards. So do stick around a little longer.

During this kick-off, we will introduce our Learning Network, get to know one another and provide you with all the information you need to start the new academic year in a good way. Everything is offered entirely in English to allow our international colleagues to participate.

During the academic year, our Learning Network will provide you with:
1. information and training opportunities to improve your teaching and mentoring skills;
2. inspiration and exchange sessions to share experiences of activating teaching methods amongst peers;
3. personal support with your teaching practices and courses.

We hope to see many of you soon!

With kind regards,
Steering Committee of the TA learning network

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