Lezing 'Beer Flavour Stability: Past Milestones, Future Endeavours'

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Studenten, Medewerkers
21-06-2019 van 16:00 tot 17:00
Auditorium E3, gebouw E, Coupure Links 653, 9000 Gent
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Jessika De Clippeleer
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Op vrijdag 21 juni zal prof. dr. ir. Jessika De Clippeleer haar inaugurele les plaatsvinden:

Beer Flavour Stability: Past Milestones, Future Endeavours

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Beer is often distributed and stored at room temperature, at which colloidal and foam stability are largely under control in contrast to the flavour. Knowing how to achieve flavour stability remains one of the great obstacles brewers would like to overcome. Already at early storage stages of virtually all bottled beers, the disappearance of pleasant fresh beer flavour characteristics (i.e. the typical beer bitterness intensity and quality) is associated with the accelerated development of unwanted ageing flavours, coinciding with an increase in the level of an array of so-called staling aldehydes (i.e. fatty acid oxidation, Strecker degradation, and Maillard reaction aldehydes). Fortunately, fresh beer generally contains rather low concentrations of staling aldehydes (below their respective flavour thresholds), due to evaporation during the brewing process and enzymatic reduction of remaining aldehydes during subsequent fermentation by the yeast.

Given the increasing importance of export and the ever intensifying competition in the international market, a prolonged stability of the fresh beer flavour is a prerequisite. The distribution and particularly the export of beers can then be broadened while consumers are minimally confronted with changes in flavour and drinkability, even upon prolonged storage time prior to consumption. An optimized flavour stability is however equally important for beers intended for the domestic market, as it is the best guarantee for maintaining the drinkability, which is with a direct impact on consumption very important in the light of a declining beer consumption. Consequently, prolonging beer flavour stability remains a major concern for each modern brewery.

This lecture aims at giving an overview of the recent insights obtained on the degradation of beer bitterness and the increase in the levels of aldehydes observed upon beer storage. The key technological challenges for an adequate flavour stability will be discussed.


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