Young Environmental Scientists (YES) meeting 2019

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Studenten, Medewerkers
05-02-2019 09:00 tot 10-02-2019 17:00
Campus Coupure, Building E, Coupure Links 653, Gent
Door wie
Josef Koch
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The Young Environmental Scientists (YES) meeting 2019 is meant to bring young environmental researchers together and help them to develop their network and skillset.

The meeting is part of a series organized biannually by students for students by the support of SETAC Europe.

While YES meetings primarily focus on environmental toxicology and environmental chemistry, this year also a session “Environmental Engineering and Sustainability” is planned, to attract more students from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University.


Registration has been closed, but students who are interested can contact the coordinator Josef Koch to attend the workshop day.

For PhD students of Ghent University

The workshop day is recognised as a seminar in transferable skills (cluster: career management) in the doctoral training programme of the Doctoral Schools of (Bioscience) Engineering. The workshop is open to everyone. If you wish the workshop day to be recognised for your curriculum, please contact the coordinator Josef Koch, beforehand. For the workshop day to be recognized, you must attend the full day (all three lectures, career talk, and meet-the-company event).

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