Stakeholdermeeting: Creating nutrient-enriched foods through biofortification

Stakeholdermeeting 14/12

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On behalf of professor Gijs Du Laing the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (FBE) is organizing an exclusive stakeholder meeting entitled "Creating nutrient-enriched foods through biofortification".

The meeting is organized as a 'business meets science' breakfast meeting for about 30 to 40 guests to increase the level of engagement and the possibility to discuss and interact.

This meeting would take place on Wednesday morning the 14th of December at 8 am on the Campus Coupure in Ghent (Coupure Links, 653).

Inspiring Mornings @UGent-FBW is a new concept at our faculty, whereby we want to engage in a dialogue with our stakeholders for a faster implementation of new innovations in agriculture, in this case in creating nutrient-enriched foods.

In this meeting we will have 5 subsessions with several experts on the subject to give a small presentation of 10' to kick-start the discussion:

1. Health impact of selenium and iodine and advantages of biofortification. 
           by Gijs Du Laing, Ghent University + dr. Katja Hora, World Iodine Association.

2. Potential of nutrient-enriched foods in developing countries.
           by prof. Carl Lachat, Ghent University + Yessie Meyer, COLEACP.

3. Factors affecting effectiveness of micronutrient supplementation in crop and animal production.
           by prof. Martin Broadley, University of Nottingham, UK + Ludo Segers, Orffa.

4. Market potential and consumer perception of biofortified foods.
          by dr. Hans De Steur, Ghent University + Tim Lammens, Delhaize.

5. Potential of biostimulants as a novel tool for biofortification.
          by prof. Geert Haesaert, Ghent University.

So, both internal and external speakers, as the target group of the event are established representatives from industry, academia, farming and farming suppliers.

Confirmed Stakeholders: 

ABS, BMS Micro-Nutrients, CIMMYT, Colruyt, COLEACP, DCM, Delhaize, Eastman Chemical Company, Everris, Greenyard Foods, Orffa, Tradecorp, UGent, University Of Nottingham, Urban Crops, Viano, World Iodine Association.


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