About the department

The department Soil Management (BW12) belongs to the faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University. Our key tasks comprise teaching, research and services.


The department provides education at UGent in the Bachelor in Bioscience Engineering and in Geology, and in the Master in Bioscience Engineering, in Physical Land Resources, Environmental Sanitation, in Civil Engineering and in Statistical Data Analysis. The department further offers guest lectures at several international universities and institutes.

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The research is situated in five research domains, which are strongly interconnected, including (1) Soil Physics, (2) Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management, (3) Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation, (4) Soil Contamination, and (5) Spatial Soil Inventory Techniques.

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The services provided by the department include a diversity of field and laboratory determinations of various soil properties, decision-supporting advice and elaboration of management plans. The department is approved by various official instances to analyse soils, fertilizers, nutrients and compost.

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The department as a whole has a close affiliation with development cooperation. As a result there is a very strong tradition of education, research and providing services in the tropical, subtropical and arid regions of Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The department holds an Unesco Chair of Eremology (International Centre for Eremology), is member of the interfaculty research group Institute of Spatial Information Processing (IRI) and is co-promoter of the international programme Physical Land Resources.