Research at the department is divided into five research domains. These domains constitute the department's five research groups, which are strongly interconnected:

Soil Spatial Inventory Techniques

In order to manage soil properties, they need to be surveyed in 3D. Our research focuses on all related aspects. > More about soil spatial inventory techniques

Soil physics

Our research focuses on the physical and hydraulic properties of and processes in the unsaturated (vadose) zone of the soil, and on small-scale techniques for in sity water conservation rainwater harvesting. > More about soil physics

Soil fertility and nutrient management

Our research focuses on the dynamics of nutrients and organic matter in soils. > More about soil fertility and nutrient management

Soil degradation and soil conservation

The research focuses on the various aspects of soil degradation, soil erosion and land evaluation that envisages a sustainable management of our soils. > More about soil degradation and soil conservation

Soil contamination

Our research focuses on increasing knowlegde on processes that govern fate and transport of chemicals in soils, through education and research. Knowledge on mutual interactions between water/fluid flow, transport and reactions of chemicals in soils is necessary to design soil management and soil remediation measures. > More about soil contamination