About us

The Department of Applied Analytical and Physical Chemistry is an integrated part of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. The department conducts research within different fields of analytical, physical and environmental chemistry and is divided into three research units:

Staff members provide education in many different courses. Within the programme Bachelor and Master of Science in Bioscience Engineering the department provides various courses in the field of applied analytical and physical chemistry. The department is also involved in three international Master programmes, Master in Environmental Sanitation, Master in Physical Land Resources and Master in Food Technology.

The department offers several services, such as:

  • analysis of stable and radioactive isotopes
  • chemical speciation of trace elements such as As, Cr, Hg and Se
  • analysis of major elements (e.g., Ca, Mg, Na, K), other inorganic nutrients (e.g. different N- and P-containing compounds) and atmospheric trace gases (N2O, NO, CO2, CH4).

In addition, the department possesses a broad range of particle sizing instruments both in the nano- and the micron-region.

Moreover, the department has a broad expertise in the field of (membrane) filtration and separation applications from the lab- to semi-pilot scale.

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