Scholarships for visiting staff from Latin America

CESAM Platform

The CESAM Platform welcomes applications for visiting staff for 2018. The CESAM Platform is one of the six regional platforms of Ghent University. Its ambition is to coordinate, facilitate and stimulate cooperation with Latin America and knowledge about this region in the field of education, research and service to society. Awardees will spend minimum one week up to one month for a research stay at Ghent University.

Staff mobility

The staff members are affiliated with a Latin American higher education or research institution.

The  grants  include 1000 € for a minimum stay of one week to one month, which is meant to cover (part of the) travel costs and living expenditures. The staff members will be given an office space and access to facilities (such as the library) as a Ghent University visitor.

The fellowships can be taken up at any time in 2018 and are expected to be present at Ghent University, to take part in its academic activities and to contribute to its intellectual community. For this reason, awardees are required to have an excellent command of English.

10 fellowships will be awarded in 2018:

  • 5 fellowships for staff members of Brazilian (partner) institutions
  • 5 fellowships for staff members of Latin American (partner) institutions

How to apply

The application should be in English and sent by a UGent staff member. The application form includes the following sections:

  • A research plan, in which the mobility period, the research group and the added value of the stay is indicated
  • For Brazilian fellowships: clear plan of integration in the PrInt programme. More Info
  • Signature of UGent promotor and visiting staff member

The application should be submitted by email to in one PDF file before 15 December 2017.

Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.

Selection criteria and procedures

The following criteria will be taken into account in the selection procedure:

  • The candidate’s profile
  • The overall quality of the proposal
  • The motivation and feasibility of the research plan
  • Added value/sustainability. For Brazilian fellowships: plan for integration the PrInt programme

Ghent University conducts an active policy for diversity and equal opportunities and encourages everybody to apply. The selection committee will also strive for a balance in sending institutions.

A selection committee with representatives from different faculties in the board of the CESAM platform will review the applications.


Deadline: 15 December 2017

Selection results: by 8 January 2018

Mobility period: February – December 2018. For Brazilian visiting staff: by preference  before 1 April (deadline PrInt programme 18/4/2018)


The hosting UGent staff member is expected to submit a short activity report to indicate the output of the research stay at the end of the stay.

Practical matters

Ghent University issues a visitor’s pass to foreign visitors who spend a short stay under the supervision of a UGent promoter. Each visitors’ pass automatically grants access to the UGent Sports Centre and the student restaurants.

Upon arrival, each foreign visitor is required to report to the Foreigners' Registration Office of the city where the visitor will stay.

Visitors with a visitor’s pass are automatically insured:

  • For physical accidents during university activities, and on the way to and from university activities
  • For civil liability during university activities (for damage to third parties), if the act that caused the damage occurred under supervision or any form of instruction by an UGent staff member (so that UGent is somehow liable), unless the visitor already has a civil liability insurance of its own (or by way of his/her employer or home institution)

The CESAM Platform will provide an extra all-in insurance which covers luggage, medical costs, repatriation, civil liability private life.

We will assist awardees with practical arrangements such as visa and application for housing at the university residences. Housing on the private market has to be arranged by the awardee, whereby the Housing