Launch event 21/12/2016: OUTCOMES


Key note speaker: Mrs Alma De Walsche

Mrs Alma De Walsche gives a very interesting presentation about "The role of Latin America in a globalizing world".
This lecture tackled different topics from Inequality to Insecurity, from Economy to Social Backgrounds of this continent. The presentation is available here.


Prof. Guido Van Huylenbroeck

Prof. Peter Goethals

Group sessions

5 regional sessions are organized. Every session was chaired by a professor with relevant experience in the region concerned.

  • Session Brazil – prof. Guy Smagghe

outcomes and presentation

  • Session Cuba – prof. Sierens

outcomes and presentation

  • Session Argentina/Chile/Uruguay – prof. Ilse Logie and prof. Marleen De Troch

outcomes and presentation

  • Session Bolivia/Colombia/Ecuador/Peru – prof. Peter Goethals

outcomes and presentation

Pictures of the event


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