Angelo Van Gorp

Angelo Van Gorp

Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Phone: +32 9 264 62 75

Research themes: Education | People 'on the move' | Discrimination | Participation & integration

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Dr. Angelo Van Gorp is Professor of History of Educaton at the Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy at Ghent University, Belgium.

His current work examines educational film and progressive education in relation to the concepts of urbanity, cultural learning and school culture.

He supervises doctoral research on the implementation of progressive education in Ghent in relation to migration and diversity; the implementation of the ideas of Célestin Freinet in Flanders; the (visual) framing of poverty since the inception of the General report on Poverty in Belgium (1994); and the relation between refugee work and the development of social work during and after the First World War.

He is member of the advisory board of Paedagogica Historica, member of the scientific board of Storia dell'educazione in Europa, and lead coordinator of the international History of Education Doctoral Summer School.


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