Katrijn Maryns

Katrijn Maryns

Department of Linguistics
Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

Website: http://www.taalkunde.ugent.be/onderzoek
Phone: +32 9 264 37 91

Research themes: Language | Policy & Law | Identity | People 'on the move'

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Katrijn MARYNS is postdoctoral researcher (FWO –Research Foundation Flanders) at Ghent University and a member of the LANG+ research group of the Linguistics Department (‘Language in Society and Multilingualism’). Her social and policy-oriented research examines the role of language, discourse representation and linguistic inequality in institutional settings of globalisation, with a specific focus on asylum and migration. She conducts linguistic-ethnographic work on mobility-related multilingualism and on translation and interpreting practices in the Belgian asylum procedure, and examines issues of linguistic diversity and performance in the Belgian Assize Court. She is the author of The asylum speaker: Language in the Belgian asylum procedure (Routledge 2006). She has published in international peer-reviewed journals including Applied Linguistics (2015), Language & Communication (2014, 2005), Interpreting (2014), Language in Society (2013) and Journal of Sociolinguistics (2013).


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