Lies Saelens

Lies Saelens obtained a Master of Science in Theoretical and Experimental Psychology at the University of Ghent in July 2022. Since the 1st of September 2022, Lies has been working as a PhD researcher within the research groups Hedera (Health and Demographic Research) and CuDOS (Cultural Diversity: Opportunities & Socialisation) at the Department of Sociology. Her project focuses on mental health stigma among ethnic minority and majority adolescents in Flanders and examines how the school context plays a role in this, more specific, social relationships with peers and teachers, the school culture, the school structure and the mental health school policy. In doing so, she will use a large-scale quantitative dataset in combination with in-depth interviews with key actors at the schools. She is working under supervision of Prof. Piet Bracke, Dr. Melissa Ceuterick and Dr. Fanny D'hondt.

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