CESSMIR-members at the U4 Cluser Converence On the Move – Exploring Contemporary Dynamics of Migration'

(19-05-2017) On 29 and 30 May, the U4 Cluster Conference (SSEL) ‘On the Move – Exploring Contemporary Dynamics of Migration' takes place hosted by Uppsala University.

Different CESSMIR members will present research results at this conference touching various migration and/or refugee related topics:, namely: the psychosocial wellbeing of unaccompanied refugee minors (Prof. Ilse Derluyn), the link between migration and family and the cross-border portability of refugees’ personal status (Prof. Jinske Verhellen); EU policy and legislation on migration, human trafficking and human smuggling (Gwen Herkens) and and refugees and returnees in Central-East Africa (Jolien Tegenbos).

For more information, http://www.u4network.eu/index.php/events/conferences/2121-cluster-conference-social-sciences-economics-and-law-uppsala-29-30-may-2017