The theme ‘education & training’ gathers research that studies the situation of persons with a migration background in education and training settings, along with research focusing on diversity and inclusion in education and equal opportunities and multilingualism in educational settings.

Assimilation processes of migrants in an inter- and multigenerational perspective

Description: This research is about assimilation processes of several generations of migrants (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation) in different time episodes (sixties, eighties, present). Assimilation is not seen as an ideal to reach, but rachter as a possible way of examining processes migrants go through in the receiving country. Assimilation is used as a multidimensional concept, with a structural (education, labour market), cultural (language, leisure time), social (network, membership of organizations) and identificational dimension (self-identification in terms of ethnic/regional/national belonging). Objective as well as subjective components (own perception of migrants) are taken into account. Three studies are planned: a survey with youngsters in the last years of secondary schools in Genk and Sint-Niklaas, family interviews with multigenerational families with a migrant background and a discourse analysis of newspaper articles of different time episodes.
Promoter(s): Ilse Derluyn, Lieve Bradt
Researcher(s): Floor Verhaeghe
Department / Research group: Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy
Faculty: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

EdisTools: Developing training tools for explaining and reducing ethnic discrimination in the fields of education, health care, housing and labour

Description: EdisTools aims to get a better understanding of ethnic inequality and ethnic discrimination in the social domains of health, housing, education and work, so that (often well-intentioned or unconscious) processes that give rise to it can be addressed. EdisTools wants to develop both innovative, scientific knowledge and user-friendly training tools that service providers and organizations in these domains can use.
Promoter(s): Peter Stevens, Stijn Baert, Eva Derous, Piet Van Avermaet, Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe, Sara Willems, Fanny D’hondt, Stijn Schelfhout
Researcher(s): Fanny D'Hondt, Stijn Schelfhout
Department / Research group: Multidisciplinary research project

Ethnic minority higher education in China

Description: Xiaoling Liu's doctoral research topic is about inequalities in Chinese higher education. Her research focuses on ethnic minority participation and academic experiences, under affirmative action policies, in China’s elite higher education institutions. The study examines the relationship between various forms of social, cultural and economic capital and the associated opportunities and experiences of ethnic minorities. Furthermore, the study intends to elucidate upon the barriers to access experienced by these students and the strategies that they employ to attain high education qualifications.
Promoter(s): Peter Stevens, Jeroen Huisman
Researcher(s): Liu xiaoling
Department / Research group: Department of Sociology/Cultural Diversity: Opportunities & Socialisation
Faculty: Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Language and employability. A sociolinguistic ethnography of the activation of migrant job seekers in Flanders

Description: This project proposes a sociolinguistic ethnographic analysis of the activation trajectories in which migrant job seekers are inserted in Flemish Belgium. The analysis aims at acquiring insight in the role of language in the different stages of these trajectories, focusing on the relation between small-scale interactional practices, policy requirements and public macro-discourses on integration, linguistic diversity and work.
Promoter(s): Sarah Van Hoof, Alfonso Del Percio
Researcher(s): Sara Nyssen
Department / Research group: MULTIPLES
Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

The relationship between (perceived) racism and ethnic discrimination, opposing school cultures and educational and well-being outcomes for ethnic minority students and native Belgian students

Description: This project investigates Turkish, Moroccan and Eastern European minority students' experiences with racism in Flemish society in general and at their school in particular. Moreover, the determinants of ethnic prejudice among Flemish teachers and pupils are examined. More specifically: 1. The association between the ethnic composition of schools, pupils' teachability and the ethnic prejudice of teachers 2. The association between the ethnic composition of schools, the track in which teachers teach, the ethnic prejudice of teachers and their level of involvement with multicultural teaching 3. The association between a multicultural teacher culture and the ethnic prejudice of Flemish secondary school pupils. 4. The association between secure attachment and ethnic prejudice. 5. The association between the gender composition of schools, ‘laddism’ and ethnic prejudice.
Promoter(s): Peter Stevens, Mieke Van Houtte
Researcher(s): Roselien Vervaet
Department / Research group: Department of Sociology
Faculty: Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Urban education as a lever towards community building: A historical perspective

Description: In the last two decades, the concept of 'social mix' seems to have become a keyword in urban policy discourse throughout the Western world. The explicated rationale behind such promotion is that social mix will benefit poor and minoritized households, as it is claimed that desegregation will tackle a host of social ills charaterizing disadvantaged neighborhoods. This logic has also been extended to the field of schooling, as it has been argued that socio-ethnically mixed communities, via gentrification, can created mixed schools, which in turn can improve the chances of poor and minoritized pupils. The aim of the current PhD study is to interrogate this master narrative. In order to do this, we focus on two (former) all-minority primary schools, each located in a gentrifiying district of Ghent (Belgium), who have successfully created a mixed student body by catering to the white middle-class newcomers.
Promoter(s): N.N.
Researcher(s): Cedric Goossens
Department / Research group: Department of Social Work en Social Pedagogy
Faculty: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences