Facework and multimodality. A comparative study of on-site interpreting and video-remote interpreting.

Description: The aim of this project is firstly to map out the different face-work strategies adopted by interpreters in dialogue interpreting. The focus is on both verbal and non-verbal face-work. Secondly, this project will look at face-work in different forms of interpreting, on-site interpreting and video-remote interpreting, and how interpreters deal with the specificities of those two modes. Thirdly, the project will explore the interpreter's own judgments, experience and strategies when it comes to face-work. Several studies have individuated different verbal strategies adopted by interpreters to cope with face-work, both of the primary participants’ and of their own. As regards the non-verbal strategies, however, little to no attention has been given to finding out how these come into play. Further research is required to obtain a clearer view on how non-verbal behaviour can influence face-work.
Promoter(s): July De Wilde , Jelena Vranjes
Researcher(s): Dries Cavents
Faculty / Faculties: Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Period of time: 2021 - 2025