The theme ‘Labour’ joins research focusing on labour market policy concerning migrants, refugees and people with a migration background and their participation on the labour market.

EdisTools: Developing training tools for explaining and reducing ethnic discrimination in the fields of education, health care, housing and labour

Description: EdisTools aims to get a better understanding of ethnic inequality and ethnic discrimination in the social domains of health, housing, education and work, so that (often well-intentioned or unconscious) processes that give rise to it can be addressed. EdisTools wants to develop both innovative, scientific knowledge and user-friendly training tools that service providers and organizations in these domains can use.
Promoter(s): Peter Stevens, Stijn Baert, Eva Derous, Piet Van Avermaet, Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe, Sara Willems, Fanny D’hondt, Stijn Schelfhout
Researcher(s): Fanny D'Hondt, Stijn Schelfhout
Department / Research group: Multidisciplinary research project

Language and employability. A sociolinguistic ethnography of the activation of migrant job seekers in Flanders

Description: This project proposes a sociolinguistic ethnographic analysis of the activation trajectories in which migrant job seekers are inserted in Flemish Belgium. The analysis aims at acquiring insight in the role of language in the different stages of these trajectories, focusing on the relation between small-scale interactional practices, policy requirements and public macro-discourses on integration, linguistic diversity and work.
Promoter(s): Sarah Van Hoof, Alfonso Del Percio
Researcher(s): Sara Nyssen
Department / Research group: MULTIPLES
Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

Secure bilingual capital. Language, ethnicity and the making of security officers in Brussels

Description: Since the suicide attacks in Brussels in 2016, the government of the Dutch-French bilingual Brussels Capital Region decided to hire 107 additional security officers for the public transport system. While French is Brussels’ lingua franca, Dutch-French bilingualism is still formally required for security officers employed by public services. However, only 7.5% of Brussels job seekers have a good knowledge of Dutch combined with French. Therefore, a training program was set up offering job seekers the chance to learn the Dutch required. Based on participant observations, semi-structured interviews and informal conversations with teachers, organizers and candidate security officers at a Brussels training center, this project explores whether and how the investment in and the significance of language(s) in Brussels is intertwined with forms of gatekeeping, social stratification, and racialization.
Promoter(s): Sarah Van Hoof, Alfonso del Percio
Researcher(s): Sibo Kanobana
Department / Research group: Translation, Interpreting and Communication
Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

Study on registration and residence formalities for EU workers in Belgium

Description: This research provides an insight into the administrative procedures regarding the implementation of the Directive 2014/54/EU into Belgian law, a European directive that intends to better facilitate the right to free movement of workers. The research contains a critical analysis and description of the municipal practices in the three regions of Belgium, focussing on the registration and residence formalities for EU citizens who exercise their right to free movement. The research also includes an exploratory analysis of residence formalities in the following countries: Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Italy. Lastly, the research will give possible recommendations regarding the law and implementation thereof as well as suggestions for more efficient and uniform municipal practices. The research is carried out in collaboration with the EU Rights Clinic of the University of Kent and Fragomen; it is funded by Myria – the Federal Migration Centre.
Promoter(s): Ellen Desmet
Researcher(s): Roos-Marie van den Bogaard
Department / Research group: European, Public and International Law
Faculty: Faculty of Law