State Punishment in Cosmopolitan Europe

Description: During the last decades we witnessed the transfer of certain policy areas from the national to the transnational European level. This shift also occurred in the area of criminal law, penal policy and asylum. As a result, the European level became an active player by developing and establishing an increasing amount of instruments tackling the issue of detention conditions. This project aims to shed light on the multiple ways in which ‘Europe’ has come to shape punishment in this part of the globe. By adopting both a descriptive and an interpretive analysis, the project will operationalize the cosmopolitan framework by using a policy network approach. This project will focus on the European level with the EU and the CoE as the main transnational organizations creating penal norms and standards in Europe for both prisoners and asylum seekers.
Promoter(s): Gert Vermeulen, Tom Daems
Researcher(s): Rebecca Deruiter
Department / Research group: Criminology, criminal law and social law/IRCP
Faculty: Faculty of Law and Criminology