Urban education as a lever towards community building: A historical perspective

Description: In the last two decades, the concept of 'social mix' seems to have become a keyword in urban policy discourse throughout the Western world. The explicated rationale behind such promotion is that social mix will benefit poor and minoritized households, as it is claimed that desegregation will tackle a host of social ills charaterizing disadvantaged neighborhoods. This logic has also been extended to the field of schooling, as it has been argued that socio-ethnically mixed communities, via gentrification, can created mixed schools, which in turn can improve the chances of poor and minoritized pupils. The aim of the current PhD study is to interrogate this master narrative. In order to do this, we focus on two (former) all-minority primary schools, each located in a gentrifiying district of Ghent (Belgium), who have successfully created a mixed student body by catering to the white middle-class newcomers.
Promoter(s): N.N.
Researcher(s): Cedric Goossens
Department / Research group: Department of Social Work en Social Pedagogy
Faculty: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences