Intercultural Preparations

(15-09-2020) For students planning to go to China

With reference to the website dedicated to the Intercultural Preparations, the China Platform has the pleasure to announce to all students, who are planning an exchange to China at a later stage – when and if the regulations would allow our UGent students to go on mobility to China again – that they are more than welcome to directly contact the coordinator of the China Platform, Mrs. Inge Mangelschots –
She would be more than happy to provide you with all the detailed information with regard to this specific region.

Furthermore, it would be the idea that the China Platform, later this autumn, would organize one or two small live sessions for the students planning to go abroad in the second semester, on the condition that the latest developments with the COVID-19 situation and the regulations from Ghent University would allow you to do so, in order to provide a more personal opportunity for our students to focus on this specific region and to provide them with more detailed information that could help them in preparing their exchange period abroad.

Should you be interested to participate in such a preparatory Introduction session, please send me a message with your name, study programme and name of the Faculty, so that I can note down your name on a list and can notify you in due time about the date and time of this introductory Intercultural Preparation session on China.

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