Credit Certificate

Credit certificate

After the conclusion of the examination period, you acquire a credit certificate for each course for which you obtained minimum 10 out of 20 (or a 'passed' designation).

This registration contains information about the identity of the student, the nature of the study programme, the course unit, the number of credits obtained and the final evaluation awarded. At the students’ express request and provided that they are enrolled under a diploma contract , credit certificates can be made available to students in paper form by the faculty student administration (FSA). Students who are enrolled under a credit contract will receive a credit certificate from the Faculty Student Administration if they passed a particular course unit.

Did you follow a course at HoGent or HoWest?

If you followed a programme or course at HoGent or HoWest between 1995-1996 and 2012-2013, and it is (part of) a programme integrated at Ghent University from 2013-2014, you can request a credit certificate via

Two chances

For each course your have not obtained a credit certificate in the first or second examination period, you have the right to retake the examination in the resit examination period.

On the other hand, you cannot retake an examination for a course for which you already obtained a credit certificate.


Credit certificates obtained at Ghent University have unlimited validity at Ghent University. A refresher course may be imposed if at least 5 calendar years have passed since the credit certificate was obtained. This 5-year term starts on the first day of the month of October after the date on which the credit certificate was obtained.