Stopping your studies (contract termination)

In person or by registered letter

Should you no longer wish to take part in educational activities, you need to inform the Office for Student Administration and Study Programmes (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33, 9000 Gent), either in person or by sending a registered letter.

Preferably you first have a conversation with the learning path counsellor.

Hand in your student card

When stopping your studies you need to hand in your student card and certificate of enrolment (if you have unused certificates). After handing in these items, your contract will be terminated.


During the same academic year you can enrol again (take up a new contract) provided that:

  • you meet the admission requirements
  • you have a letter of (deferred) admission for the study programme
  • you comply with regulations with regards to the period of enrolment

You need to pay

Terminating you contract does not mean that you do not need to pay the tuition fee. Not paying does not mean that your contract is automaticalley terminated. If you have not paid, or you have only paid a part of the tuition fee charged upon enrolment, UGent will continue to claim the outstanding amount after you have terminated your contract.

Not the same as stopping your exams

If you discontinue taking part in exams, it does not mean that you are terminating your contract. Discontinuing an examination session must be reported to the Examination Office at your Faculty and does not necessarily mean that you are stopping your studies.

Refund of Tuition Fees

Bachelor programme, Master programme, Preparatory or Linking Course (standard tuition fee)

  • if you terminate your contract before the start of the academic year: the total tuition fee will be refunded (only applicable for students enrolled since academic year 2017-2018)
  • if you terminate your contract before 1 December: the tuition fee is refunded, except for the fixed amount
  • if you terminate your contract after 1 December and before 15 March: you cannot get a refund for course units that belong to your first semester curriculum, one year-course units or integration course units – you can, however, get a refund for the course units that belong to the second semester curriculum. The fixed amount is not refunded.
  • if you terminate your contract after 15 March : the full tuition fee must be paid and there is no refund.

Advanced Master programme or Specific Teacher Training programme (standard and higher tuition fee)

A refund is only possible for the standard tuition fee and not for the higher tuition fee (unless the faculty decides to allow a reduction in specific cases).

Postgraduate programme and Permanent Training programme (higher tuition fee)

A reimbursement is not possible (unless the faculty decides to allow a reduction in specific cases).


If you terminate your contract within four months following the date of enrolment, you can have a reimbursement except for the fixed amount.

Social consequences

If you consider terminating your contract, bear in mind that you lose the statute of student at certain organisations (scholarship, health insurance, community...)

Terminating a Credit Contract and your learning account

Attention: even if you have correctly terminated your credit contract, you cannot recover your study points.

More information about your learning account.

Education and Examination Code, article 33