If your address has changed, please make sure to update your address on OASIS prior to re-enrolment.

Period of re-enrolment

  • you can re-enrol online from the day after your proclamation up to and including 30 September
  • URL: (click on EN in the top left hand corner for all services in English)
  • it is recommended to re-enrol as soon as possible

Re-Enrolment is required

  • To be able to follow a programme or parts of a programme/course units or to take exams, it is required to re-enrol.
Re-enrolment PhD students
  • Doctoral students are also required to enrol every academic year, for the duration of their research.
  • Doctoral Schools students will be able to re-enrol online as soon as the progress report has been approved. You will receive an e-mail (UGent mail address) with an invitation to re-enrol.

Resitting exams?

  • resit exams in the second examination period (August-September)
  • postpone your re-enrolment until the day after proclamation

GIT (Personalised learning track)?

A GIT (personalised learning track) must be approved by the faculty. Do not wait with re-enrolment online, because you can re-enrol provisionally for the GIT (combination in one programme between bachelor-master, master-advanced master or preparatory/linking programme-master). If the GIT is denied, your enrolment will be cancelled for the programme of the highest level.


You can submit your proposed curriculum (the courses you want to take up) on immediately after enrolment.


  • After you have re-enrolled online, a confirmation and the payment details are sent to your UGent inbox (not necessarily at the same time).
  • You need to pay by bank transfer. Do not forget to mention the reference number ("gestructureerde mededeling"). You can find the reference number on the confirmation that was sent to you after you submitted your request for re-enrolment online. Without this number, we will not be able to process your payment.
  • The rector can refuse your re-enrolment if you have outstanding payments for previous enrolments.

Student card

  • Student cards are valid for 6 years. Upon re-enrolment, you will not receive a new card.
  • As long as you are enrolled as a student, your current card remains valid until the exiration date mentioned on the student card.

Certificate of enrolment

After payment of the tuition fee, you will be able to download several types of enrolment certificates from