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Last updated at 09h30 on 30/04/2020

The Covid-19 epidemic is rapidly spreading across the world. We ask all students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to meticulously read and follow the guidelines of Ghent University. This information can be found on
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General information

What after absence due to illness?

After absence due to illness with symptoms compatible with Corona, one can only return to clinic/work if he has been free of symptoms for 7 days. If symptoms are still present, it is not responsible to return.


All student restaurants and cafeterias of Ghent University are closed.


All travelling for departmental or study purposes outside Belgium are cancelled for all personnel.

We cannot oblige anyone to cancel private traveling abroad (e.g. ski), but we want to point out that, in case you have travelled, we suggest a quarantine period (at home) of two weeks after returning. We count on everyone’s sense of responsibility to prevent as much as possible further transmission the virus.


Sports lessons on Monday and Thursday afternoons at the faculty will be canceled until further notice. The university sports center (GUSB), including the swimming pool, will close on Monday 16 March.


The opening of the Ghent University Museum on 21 and 22 March will be postponed as well as the pre-opening on Wednesday March 18.


All meetings of more than 15 people are not recommended. Because of the critical situation , the guideline of respecting 1 meter between persons is set to minimum of 1.5 m.

Videoconferences are an excellent alternative for meetings. Bart De Poortere will organize ‘Starleaf’ for bigger groups.  For more information follow Ufora infosite Digitaal Infopunt Diergeneeskunde



All lectures at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine are suspended with immediate effect until further notice and will be replaced by digital teaching methods. Lectures will be taught and live-streamed or the recordings of previous years will be made accessible. More information will be available per course on UFORA. For more information follow Ufora infosite Digitaal Infopunt Diergeneeskunde

Practicals at the faculty 

All practicals that require physical attendance at the faculty are suspended with immediate effect until further notice.

Clinics at the faculty 

The clinics at the Faculty will remain open for the public. The number of students in the clinic will be restricted to the bare minimum in order to ensure the normal functioning of the clinics. Clinical activities for students of the first and second master year are suspended till further notice and do not have to be catch up. The clinical activities for the students of the third master year remains unchanged (any practical adjustments will be communicated via UFORA - infosite Diergeneeskunde or separate clinics GX00001:

We have to assure an optimal functioning of our clinics but cannot tolerate that sick students are coming to our faculty. Please be responsible since a ‘small cough” can have tremendous consequences by spreading the virus amongst all of us. When you have signs of illness, stay home for at least 2 weeks.
The number of students in the clinics will be reduced in order to avoid the gathering of too many people in smaller rooms. Students can come to the clinics according to schedule next Monday. Each clinic will announce who many students are expected to participated, depending on the present needs. If you already have instructions from your representative, please follow these instructions.
If you miss clinics due to illness or the reduced number of students in the clinics from now to April 19th, and you are not able to replace these missed hours later on, this will have no consequences on your final evaluation. We do hope that all students will take their responsibility to relieve the pressure on the fellow students and the personnel of the clinics who are present in the clinic to assure an optimal service to the public.
All guidelines to prevent possible transfer of the virus have to be respected by all students (washing hand, keeping distance, not flocking around etc.) .We are convinced that you will follow these guidelines professionally.


Presentation of cases

The presentation of cases will be done using electronic tools which will be provided ASAP. You will be alerted if you are excepted to participate on these presentation.

Communication about practicals and clinics

Please refrain from contacting the lecturers to discuss individual cases (for instance: how to arrange repeating the practicals or clinics). The Faculty Department of Education will follow the situation closely in communication with the central  Department of Educational Policy to communicate as soon as possible procedures in relation to replace cancelled educational activities. The exceptional nature of the situation will be taken into account. Students will be informed of the measures that will be taken once they are known. 


It is of the utmost importance to meticulously follow and apply the regulations of the clinic or practice where you are doing your externship on top of the regulations of Ghent University. The prescriptions in terms of hygiene- and prevention should be applied. All externs who are ill or show symptoms must take up responsibility and stop their externship immediately to prevent spreading of the virus. An important website with information for healthcare workers can be found here.
Students currently abroad or soon to leave for an externship should check the most current information on It is possible that your externship is adjusted by the local authorities, please follow their instructions meticulously.

Voluntary and curricular externships in Belgium of your home country (e.g. a Dutch student doing an externship in the Netherlands) can continue without problems, unless the place where the externship is done has objections.

All foreign exchanges and externships for students who leave in March and April are cancelled.

  • For foreign ‘keuzevak-, kenningsmakings- and afstudeer’ externships, you can propose an alternative in Belgium or your home country. When no alternative is available, please contact
    Due to the travel restrictions issued by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can only propose an alternative in your home country, if you are there at that time. If not, you are not allowed not travel to start your externship. 
  • For foreign voluntary externships, there is no need for an alternative.

Students presently on exchanges or externships abroad can choose to stay of return to Belgium. If questions, please contact

Medical Department

Exams of the Medical Department for students are cancelled. Student can make a new appointment starting on 16th of March using the following link.

Pig campus and experimental farm

The Pig campus (Nieuwe Varkenscampus, ILVO) and the experimental farm (proefhoeve, Melle) do no longer receive students until further notice.

Study venues

The student restaurant, the library, the museum and the pc-room will be closed until further notice and can no longer be used for study. 


Research day

The “Research Day” that was planned on the 2nd of April in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has been cancelled. After consultation with the Student Councils, is decided to temporarily suspend the submission of posters. If the Research Day can continue at a later date, there will be a new deadline. Students who have already submitted a poster can possibly resubmit it if they wish to make changes.


Solutions have been found for the defenses of PhD’s up to April 3th.

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