Equine medicine

COORDINATOR:   Prof. Dr. Ann Martens, DVM, PhD, Dipl ECV (ann.martens@ugent.be)

Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology of Domestic Animals

PERIOD:                  12 weeks in the 1st semester (September - December) OR

12 weeks in the 2nd semester (February - May) 


Depending on the period (1st or 2nd semester), some variation in the program is possible!


Clinical rotations:

Internal medicine: 3 weeks day duty + 1 week night duty           

Surgery and orthopaedics: 3 weeks day duty + 1 week night duty

Medical Imaging: 2 weeks

Pathology: 1 week

Reproduction: 1 week

Practical exercises (afternoon)

Internal medicine:

      • Endoscopy
      • Ultrasonography


      • Hygiene and suturing techniques
      • Perineural blocks of the distal limb
      • Hoof trimming
      • Intestinal resection


      • Sperm collection and analysis

Case discussions

Weekly on the departments of Surgery and Orthopaedics, Internal medicine and Medical Imaging.

Theoretical lessons (can be attended, but are however in Dutch)

Parasitology / bacteriology

Virology / pathology

Equine first aid

Ultrasonography of the distal limbs

Ultrasonography in the mare

Endometritis in the mare

Sperm analysis