Small animal medicine (dog & cat)

Small Animal Medicine (dog & cat)

COORDINATOR:   Dr. Sofie Bhatti DVM, PhD (

Department of Medicine & Clinical Biology of Small Animals

PERIOD:                  12 weeks in the 1st semester (September - December) OR

12 weeks in the 2nd semester (February - May) 


Clinical training (clinics)

Depending on the period (1st or 2nd semester), some variation in the program is possible!


Hospitalisation / Intensive care unit: 2 weeks (day-shift)

Internal Medicine: 1 week

Surgery: 1 week

Anaesthesiology: 1 week

Medical Imaging: 1 week

Hospitalisation / Intensive care unit: 1 week (night-shift)

Cardiology: 1 week

Pathology: 1 week

1 week combination clinic:

    • Dermatology (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
    • Opthalmology (Thursday)
    • Ethology (Friday)

1 week combination clinic:

    • Dermatology (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
    • Stomatology (Thursday)
    • Ethology (Friday)

Neurology: 1week


Practical training


    • Practical training suture techniques
    • Practical training gastro intestinal surgery
    • Practical training urogenital surgery
    • Ovari(ohyster)ectomies / castration of feral cats

Medical imaging:

    • Practical training radiology
    • Practical training ultrasonography


Case discussions

  • At the end of the clinical training week ‘internal medicine’ the student should prepare and present a clinical case
  • Between 8 and 9 o’clock during the clinical training week ‘medical imaging’, case discussions will take place (min 3-4 days/week)