Vlaio project “Heat plan for Flemish pig farming”. This research is part of a joint research project between 1) the Unit of Porcine Health Management from the Department of Reproduction, Obstetrics and Herd Health and 2) ILVO (Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food). The overall goal of this project is to draw up a heat plan by providing effective, practical, technically and economically feasible measures that can be applied in the stable and during transport. In addition, the aim is to increase the practical knowledge of pig farmers and transporters about the visible and less visible impact of heat stress, in order to maximize the implementation of measures. The project consists of five work packages (WP):

  1. Mapping heat stress and the consequences of heat stress (WP1);
  2. Collect and evaluate climate and barn technical measures and management strategies (literature, project results), data from abroad and experiences of experts, barn builders, veterinarians and pig farmers (WP2);
  3. Testing the most promising strategies from WP2 in terms of effectiveness, economic and practical feasibility and evaluating their effects on animal welfare, (re)production and animal health at the ILVO test farm (WP3) and on practice farms (WP4);
  4. Roll out a heat plan consisting of practical and effective recommendations on climate and stable technical measures and management strategies;
  5. And to communicate and implement the knowledge and experiences regarding this heat plan in the sector (WP5).


December 2020 – ...

Team members

  • Lotte De Prekel

Project type

Vlaio project



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